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CPAs are Nerds

all about number-crunching,doing tax return or pushing pencils !

MUHASBA CPAs in exciting and unconventional roles

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The Boring CPAs

If CPAs truly tend to be "boring" people, we guess it's because they tend to be people who like stability and knowing what they're going to do. They probably don't like surprises very much and are risk averse.

It's official: scientists prove why accountants are boring

It appears that in 2005, the City University of Hong Kong proved that accountants were boring and this was due to using dull words and dull methods of communication.

Technical or detailed aspects of any job will be boring but cannot make you boring. All jobs have a level of technical knowledge and expertise,but they are not labelled as boring as Accountants.We think that you will find, that if you study any specialist talking through the technical areas of their roles, it is boring to others, an academic study to prove that accountants are boring, surely that has to be the apex of boring.

The differences between those who are good at getting clients; those that build relationships and those that do the numbers.


An Accountant is:

Someone who isn’t really boring, they just get excited over boring things.

Someone who solves a problem you did not know you had in a way you don’t understand.

Someone who realizes he doesn’t have the charisma to succeed as an undertaker.

Someone who does not know that Gap is a clothing store.

Someone who makes a bold fashion statement by wearing a blue suit instead of grey.

What fun would the world be without accounting jokes?


Why is the all jokes are funny?  It is not that we cheat or that we have an array of despicable tricks (ish). It is that we are trained to think laterally, finding an answer and solution for our clients in what we do, despite apparent problems and issues. We try and cut through the issues and problems and solve the problem, in whatever way we can. We are solution providers and aim to get clients where they want to be. There is no such answer as no and there is no such statement as “It cannot be done.”

Glamour and fame does not necessarily mean that you are not boring

Living with the stigma of being an Accountant has meant that I do not immediately tell people. Yet it can appear that working in the more interesting world of showbiz can mean that you are instantly seen as interesting and glamorous, even if in reality you are, well, boring.


A lot of people in business say that perception is everything. We think that is true in this case, some people is perceived to be interesting and famous, and we sure that it is true about Accountants.


There are 2800 registered students in UAE training to be Accountants. That is a lot of young people wanting to be boring people,and around 8% of The UAE Companies have at least one Chartered Accountant on their main board of directors. Many Finance Directors go on to be Chief Executives and prove to be successful, And Accountants have gone on to fame and fortune and have shaken off their old image as being boring.


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Most Trusted Advisors

The impact CPAs can make (if you let them) on your BUSINESS is phenomenal.CPAs knows the laws and knows how to represent to FTA.But most impactful trait? It is their innate belief that they must use their experience, expertise, and existence to create something worthwhile for their clients.They genuinely believes that CPAs exists to help mankind!


Many other professions would "share the spoils" but not CPAs and it is not because some laws prohibit CPAs from doing so but it is because CPAs are people with the highest integrity and they are happy to live by the words they give in their "engagement letters".


It is not just the financials that your CPAs understands, many-a-times your CPA will be your "north star" helping you navigate your business,If your CPA hasn't (yet) helped you navigate your life better, just ask.We sure you will be amazed by what you learn,CPA is the first to understand new trends and they can be a great support for their clients by providing slick information and analysis,Not because CPAs smarter, but because they to seek, information double-crossed from many angles.

To the truely skillful and creative ones, accounting is never boring. Unless one gets downright criminal.Even nuclear science is God-awful boring if your job is just to scrub the control panel buttons and a suspect person !

We are Boring CPAs  and we think our work is exciting and fascinating, and we  love it - we have the best job in the world. Other people would hate the pressure and the litigation environment (which is difficult but just doesn't push our buttons--in a negative way--as it might some others). Some would hate spending hours analyzing very technical, even theoretical issues, as we do, but we love that (leave us alone with our keyboard and we will build you an Excel symphony (sounds geeky but to us, it's magic).


Accounting is action-packed!

EVERYTHING is boring and stupid if it's wrong for you.

Every job is important. We all make the world go around. At tax time, all of the “boring” CPAs deserve trays of cookies for putting up with what they have to endure.Mind you, this is coming from someone who hates math and hates all things having to do with numbers. Hence why I’m grateful that there’s people willing to walk that path.

From a non-objective standpoint, my deduction on what I would assume is the “stereotype” you’re referring to is the fact that there’s no creativity involved in the world of numbers. A propensity for numbers comes from being left-brained. The right side controls creativity. Math is final and absolute. There are no gray areas. It’s all black and white.

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Forward Value

Accounting is like problem solving, trying to help people and businesses maximize their value and savings.CPAs keep the public trust by ensuring that financial information is presented fairly and in accordance with proper accounting standards. Auditors ensure that investors can trust the financial statements of companies. Even within auditing.

We love being CPAs, but we would  also like to make the point that accounting is an extremely rewarding profession. Accounting is the language of business, and the job of a good accountant is to make sure what's happening in real life is being properly reflected in the numbers. If the profession was not able to do this:

It would be impossible to determine the value of stocks.
Banks would not be able to make lending decisions.
Taxes would not be able to be collected in any rational way.
The modern economy would not be possible, leading to extremely poor resource allocation and quite catastrophic consequenses.

We are  part of what makes the modern world even possible. Let's see how many other professions can say the same ?

Gourmet Oysters

Your Olyster 

EVERY business needs an accountant. Do you know what that means? Job security first off, but also, you have the ability to go into ANY business or industry you wish. How many other careers can offer you that? Accountants are extremely in demand, and therefore you can be very picky about the kind of company you work for. The world is your oyster, and you can make this profession be as satisfying as you want by picking and choosing your industry. Pick something that excites you and see how your accounting skills can be of benefit.

Life is only what you make of it.

So make it a good one!

Accountants are awesome, check your facts.We perpetuate that myth to keep people out of the profession, and keep salaries high.What's more exciting than money?

Wind Turbine Engineer

Not boring…     essential.

It’s true that CPAs  are a backward looking process. It looks at what happened rather than what’s going to happen. And it tends to attract people who are more comfortable pursuing life and business that way.But at the top levels, CPAs  with the right kind of vision is essential for the future of a business.


There is nothing more valuable to senior business management than an employee who can fully understand what happened, and transform that into a plan for the future.

What's more exciting than money?
We perpetuate that myth

The accounting and finance person becomes a strategic partner.Accountants have an incredible vantage point into their clients’ business operation, where the money is coming and going and can learn a substantial amount about what goes into running a profitable business.When you get to the good part of accounting you are dealing more with people, processes and business partnership.

Accountancy is still deemed to be one of the best paying professions, accountants receives some of the best employee benefits. It is also rated as one of the top professions for work/life balance.

Accounting is essentially “paint by numbers” with little variation in how scenarios are resolved.

The accounting and finance person becomes a strategic partner.Accountants have an incredible vantage point into their clients’ business operation, where the money is coming and going and can learn a substantial amount about what goes into running a profitable business.When you get to the good part of accounting you are dealing more with people, processes and business partnership.

Accounting require as much creativity.The creativity is more about the different approaches that can be taken to help a client.As with any service profession, in accounting you must be constantly thinking of new ways to serve your clients better.

Many seem to get the impression that accountants are all math whizzes, possess some form of rare genius and like to spend their free time completing Advanced Calculus assignments. Some accountants may find that appealing, but the idea that the math behind most accounting work is exceedingly complex is fiction. In most cases, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will get the job done.




Accountants on Screen; Myth vs. Reality

Guy on SUP

the smaller things really make a big difference in the big picture

If you asked most people “what does an accountant do?” they’d say something about crunching numbers all day. While it’s true that public accountants do work with numbers a lot.Numbers will always be important to professional accounting work, but accountants do much more than just math.




Why are accountants so boring?

We’re actually amusing people, but we keep that well-hidden to preserve the image of the accountant hunched over the papers. we have always believed that your job is only boring if you let it get that way. We don’t.

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