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MUHASBA CLOUD is the gateway for our clients to easily and securely access SAAOA technologies, insights, data sets and people. It is designed for intuitive, personalized and secure digital interactions that will serve as a complement to existing client/team relationships.

The all-in-one digital auditing platform for less complex entities.

Compliance can’t be put on autopilot. With the Online Audit Manager, onsite visits, and direct communication with a dedicated team of security professionals, your Muhasba Cloud audit experience will make sure your audit is worth it.

A new breed of auditors.

Confidence comes from experience. Our auditors have been in the industry, in your exact positions, and are passionate about making sure your audit is successful and maybe even fun. And they have a lot of certifications.

Audit delight.

Managing Engagements without the proper technology is like letting a horse direct traffic. No one can get where they need to go except by sheer luck or coincidence, and it’s only a matter of time before a nasty pileup occurs.

There are so many audit tools promising ease and assurance, but how do you know which tool is right for you and your organization? We believe if you’re going to use a compliance tool, it should be the one from a licensed security auditor that can actually deliver the audit you need.The Online Audit Manager, the industry’s first compliance platform, simplifies your audit process by tracking real-time progress for current and future audits. Your entire team will be able to complete readiness tasks, upload documentation, and track audit progress, all in one dynamic communication and cross-framework evidence gathering platform.You’ll be able to prepare for and complete an audit all with one trustworthy tool.

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