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Our reputation and our brand are affected by what we all do every single day. Ethical behaviour is more than a statement on a piece of paper, but by putting our commitment in writing, we clearly set out the business practices that we at the group will operate and set clear standards of behaviour for everyone in our organisation. MUHASBA is building a great business the right way and every colleague should demonstrate the highest ethics.It is imperative that our success is delivered in the right way, doing the right things. The highest standards of integrity are required at MUHASBA and this Code provides total clarity on what these standards are. The Code of Conduct is the DNA of value makers business, professional and personal conduct. This Code of Conduct clearly sets out clear standards of behavior for everyone in our organization.



Adherence to honesty and integrity in imparing our services and solutions to the clients.


While serving,we maintain strict confidentiality on the information obtained from the clients,unless their arises a legal liability or duty to disclose.


Our services and solution are executed with high professional approach and sincerity.However we maintain strcit control on any actions that is likely to bring disrespute or disresepect to the profession.


We update consistently on latest global audit methodology and auditing tools and technicals.

What if something is wrong and I need to tell someone?

Call the Safecall number – it’s  confidential!

Saleh Amin +971 50 244 777 6 l Email




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