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Please download the Request for Information (RFI) and fill the requested information to help us determine the time and cost we need to do our job. We will send a quote for fees within two working days of receiving the data you filled out.

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MUHASBA Fees-Guides regarding services and solutions fee calculation.

This fee guide sets out the basis for establishing a reasonable level of remuneration, commensurate with the provision of professional assurance services of an acceptable and recognized standard.


There are two bases for computation of fee:


Time management is essential in ensuring efficiency in services performance while time recording is an integral part of the documentary evidence of work performed.


Time charge shall be reflective of time spent by the partner and staff in terms of the quality and level of competence required to meet the deliverables standards with reference to the size, complexity and technical input expected of the services and solutions assignments. A critical factor in maintaining the viability of a practice depends on the value we provided,not on the result of the the engagement.


MUHASBA determination of charge-out fee is starting 250 DHS Per hour. We estimate required working hours based on 2 minutes per transaction.




charge-out fee may differ due to inadequate or over computation of the variable cost factors. MUHASBA therefore follow the basis for time charging based on Gross Turnover as shown in the financial statements and multiplying it with the coefficient percentages starting 0.094%. As for other fees that are based on other factors, they are estimated at 7% of the determined amount.


iHSAN Currency Payment

Muhasba offers free consultation for eligable comanies in UAE.Fees are transferred to approved charities in UAE.

Baraka is all grace donated to us by Allah, We give as much as we might receive blessings.This is the first law of blessing it must flow outwardly, When we bless others, Allah takes care of our Business. 

Social Currency Payment

Muhasba offers free consultation for rate us on Google.

In today’s online age, people value their online voice and the impact of sharing it with the community.The internet has decentralised traditional channels, so we know the power of change is back with the community. We know the power is back with you.

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