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Muhasba for Investor

When you put money into an enterprise you want to understand how your investment is performing and having access to clear and insightful financial information is a critical component of gaining that understanding.  Additionally, you want to know that the financial operations for your portfolio companies are running efficiently and cost effectively to maximize the profitability and value of the business.

Most SMBs have trouble affording, attracting and retaining high-level finance personnel and are reliant one person’s skillset to address a full range of issues that at a larger enterprise would be handled by a full finance team.  Additionally, underlying software applications at the SMB lack integration and scalability and often hinder the ability to produce insightful financial information.

The common end result is :

  • A lack of timely,reliable financial information.

  • Inefficient non-scalable operations that can hinder the growth and the return on your investment.

​With MUHASBA, you will receive comprehensive financial statements on your investment companies.

Empowering the Investor

Muhasba for CEO

As the CEO of a small or mid-size company you want to be focusing your time on driving the growth of your business while having the financial information you need to confidently make decisions. Unfortunately, most SMB finance departments lack the people, process and systems to allow the CEO to accomplish these objectives. Most CEO’s are consumed with managing people and deliverables so they can gain some understanding of where their organization is and where it is headed, from a financial standpoint. Instead, they need to be armed with insightful information and shift their time to focus on growth.

MUHASBA gives you :

  • Increase transparency and understanding your financials.

  • Reduced time spent on finance and administration.​

  • Scalable and efficient financial operations.

Empowering the CEO

MUHASBA works with growing businesses who have unique business needs.  We simplify their business operations and provide them with more accurate insightful information from which they can make business decisions.

Muhasba for CFO

CFOs of growth companies need to focus their time on ensuring the organization is adequately capitalized and helping the business understand financial impacts in order to make optimal business decisions.  Unfortunately, most often they also need to improve the immature financial infrastructure of the business to meet more complex reporting needs and ensure that operational inefficiencies don’t become a bottleneck to growth.

The paradigm: Ultimately your value as CFO will be judged on the level of insight and guidance you provide to the business but your time is regularly consumed addressing the operational needs of the business.

  • Increase transparency and understanding your financials.

  • Reduced time spent on finance and administration.

  • Scalable and efficient financial operations.

MUHASBA gives you :

Empowering the CFO

MUHASBA provides CFOs with a complete platform of integrated web based operational software, customizable best-practice based processes and reliable back office services that serves as a scalable operational foundation for delivering financial support to the CFO and the business.

We,Muhasba can support you by providing virtual CFO services in United Arab Emirates,or on a part-time basis based on clients requirements.

Our CFO services include:

  • Formulating Business strategy/Policy and Action Plans.

  • Provide support for the preparation of Annual Budgets and it’s a review on a continuous basis

  • Guidance for setting up of Internal Control processes

  • Guidance for drafting and implementing SOP

  • MIS Report Preparation and Analysis of Financial Data

  • Cash Flow and Working Capital Management

  • Review of Contract with Customers, Suppliers, etc.

  • Guidance related to UAE Tax matters

  • Guidance and Monitoring Accounting Dept as and when required.

  • Support for Cost Analysis in Project Accounting and Construction Contracts

  • Provide regular business advice to the CEO/Owners as required

  • Support for Pre-Costing and Post Costing Analysis.

  • Liaison with Banks and other Financial Institutions.

  • Support for handling Working Capital Facility from Banks and other Financial Institutions and to ensure the covenants.

  • Risk Management.

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