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We create crafted techniques that stand out from the crowd – and perfect function comes as an control standard to validate the correctness of the transactions.
At Muhasba, we combine business acumen and deep sector knowledge with technical know-how and superior analytic tools. We’ll use these to help you make strategic change and navigate what can be a complex and often fragmented journey.
Our specialists will work within your timeframes to help you make strategic change and drive value. By thinking like investors, we can help you see beyond immediate challenges to future opportunities – and give you the confidence to make the best decisions.

Muhasba for Established Company

In an Established company, what CEOs and boards want from their finance department is fast, reliable, concise information about the economic implications of specific tactical moves. MUHASBA’s Established Company Financial Solution offers established companies an enterprise-class finance department which guarantees you have the financial guidance, visibility, support and infrastructure necessary to continue to accelerate growth.

We incorporate the perfect blend of technology, finance experts, and processes to deliver financial clarity. The result is more confident decision making and operational scalability that frees executives to focus more of their time on the growth if the business. Our solution is customized and ensures all financial needs are addressed.

Muhasba for Seed Company

Sometimes known as seed funding or seed capital, is a form of securities offering in which an investor invests capital in a startup company in exchange for an equity stake or convertible note stake in the company.

At an early-stage company there are certainly fewer resources to get your jobs done — not as many systems, certainly not as many people. Outsourcing F&A functions allows the strategic finance executive to stay out of the weeds so they can allocate more time to growth objectives.

MUHASBA’s Seed Company Financial Solution offers entrepreneurs an enterprise class finance department which guarantees you have the financial guidance, visibility, support and infrastructure necessary to take your business to the next level. It combines a scalable software platform with experienced finance professionals who establish best-practice based business processes that are customized to your business and ensure all of your financial needs are addressed.

Muhasba for Growth Company

A growth company is any company whose business generates significant positive cash flows or earnings, which increase at significantly faster rates than the overall economy.A company adds new resources (capital, people, or technology), and its revenue increases as a result. 

Growing a business is a potentially rewarding but stressful and time-consuming experience.  Improving your product or service, identifying areas to invest ion order to grow the top line, finding the right people to support these activities and then executing on all of these things is hard enough by itself.  On top of all of this, you need to ensure you have, or can get, the capital required to support these initiatives, create the operational infrastructure needed to support a bigger business and make sure you can generate the information to tell you how you are progressing toward your goals and what impact any deviation is having on your financial position.


Addressing the latter set of problems is probably not the best use of your time but without addressing them you risk flying blind from decision making perspective, increasing the likelihood that you fall short of your plans and goals for the business and running into potentially catastrophic capital shortfalls.

Muhasba for Scaling Company

A scaling company having the ability to grow without being hampered.In business, the definition of “scale” is to increase revenue at a faster rate than costs. Businesses achieve this in a number of ways, from adopting new technologies to finding “gaps” in their operations that can be streamlined. Businesses that are able to add revenue and increase operational demands while maintaining the same costs – or even lowering costs – will be able to scale successfully.

MUHASBA provides high velocity companies with a reliable, scalable and cost effective alternative to the effort, expense and distraction of building out an internal finance & administration (F&A) team and infrastructure.

MUHASBA’s integrated platform of experienced finance professionals, best practice based processes and industry leading software offers companies enterprise level financial operations and controls for improved transparency, visibility and scalability while dramatically reducing cost and the time company leaders have to expend developing and managing their finance department.

Muhasba for Family Businesses

Family businesses are generally growing faster than their peers. They are using the advantages of greater agility and streamlined decision-making to disrupt, expand beyond their borders and seize new business opportunities. More than one-third of family businesses are targeting double-digit growth, versus only one-quarter of non-family businesses. For these family businesses to accelerate their growth, they may need to look for new sources of capital. Many look for funding that will not dilute the family’s long-term influence, which is why they often consider going public.

Going public doesn’t mean a family cuts ties with the business. Far from it. Whereas private equity investors will take a seat in some advisory or supervisory capacity; with an IPO, the free float and the diversity of capital markets investors keep the family with a seat at the table and a steadying hand in the culture of the business.By separating the principal (owners) from the agent (external management), the family can also bring greater scrutiny to decision-making at the executive level.

IPOs can be a great option for family businesses. An IPO can open doors to new sources of capital, accelerate growth, diversify wealth, and help reward and retain top talent, and the family members that have been so pivotal in the success of the company so far.

MUHASBA  helps families determine the appropriate timing and prepare strategies to transform into a public company.

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Muhasba Solutions and Services

Financial Guidance

A dedicated team of financial experts with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

Daily bookkeeping support

Inventory verification

Financial policies manual

Financial modeling

Standard operating procedues


Fixed assets management


A dedicated team of financial experts with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

Business setup and formation

Feasibility study

ISO certification

Trademarks registration

CFO services

Buying or selling a business



Strategy and operations

Governance consulting

Business valuation


Mergers and Acquisitions

Company setup and formation 

Legal support

Business transformation

Risk management consulting

Cash flow management consulting

Human resources consulting

Sales and marketing consulting

Procurement consulting

Business liquidation

Auditing and Assurance

A dedicated team of financial experts with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

Financial statements audit

Internal audit

Assurance for non-financial information

Forensic audit

Attestations & certifications

Fraud investigation

Compliance management

Anti-money laundering compliance

Ultimat beneficial owners


Digital Solutions

A dedicated team of financial and IT experts with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

Enterprise resource planning


A dedicated team of tax agents with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

VAT registration

VAT return filing

VAT transactions advisory and training

VAT refund

VAT deregistration

Corporation tax advisory

Excise tax services

Tax audit services

Appointing tax agent

Economic substance regulation


A dedicated team of financial experts with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

Accounting and auditing masterclass

Financial modeling masterclass

Business development workshop

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