4th Floor, Block (B), Business Village

Diera - Dubai,UAE.

P.O.Box 341041

Phone +971 (4) 2535077

Muhasba refers to the the brand under which the Muhasba member firms provide auditing,tax and advisory to Less complex entities (LCE).

Head quartered in Dubai,founded in year 2010.

Integrated with UAE & International network for accounting and standarization associations,regulated and registered by UAE official concerned authorities

our reports are approved in free zones,major banks,courts,prosecution,arbitration

and centers and private financial house.

Process with Muhasba


We effectively manage all your daily financial needs.We provide our clients with improved visibility into their financial operations and greater scalability at a lower cost point.We meet your staffing needs on-demand.As part of a national network of professionals, our Financial Management team can help make the finance function more efficient, effective and better aligned with your business strategy so that the organization can realize and sustain value over the long term.


We advise you on optimizing business intelligence and analytics to access the right information at the right time in order to make more effective business decisions.


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Discover how the right question and the answer company can help you do your life’s work.

As a leader of growing business,you are well aware of all the challenges of running a company.Grwoth can put a tremendous strain on your financial depaertment : the people,process and technology necessary for the company to continue successfully.

MUHASBA delivers auditing,accounting and consultancy services that efficiency creates understanding and certainty to drive the business forward.We start by solving time-consuming operational and process handles that growth companies face.This frees up to your top management from being bogged down in the routine financial decision-making and turns your finance department from a cost-center to an engine for frowth.Next we deliver insightful financial reporting that gives your management team and any involved investors gain a clear and solid understanding about the company's financial standing and overall progress.