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Dynamic organisations need a broad range of advisory services to support their ambition and growth. As your business grows, our advisory services are designed to help you achieve your goals.


Successful growth often means navigating a complex array of opportunities, challenges and risks.

Think bold.

Apply opportunites in new ways.

Enhance experience.

Realise value.

Bold ideas that create value

The future is for those who think beyond the boundaries of today and uncover the new sources of value. We believe in making the changes that make the most difference. Our formula is simple: we deliver bold ideas, empowering enterprise and meaningful experiences creating real-life results. This is our new equation and we help you solve for a better tomorrow.

In a world of constant change, the need to know what to do, and how to do it, has never been more pressing. Our multi-disciplinary teams identify new sources of value by looking beyond the boundaries of today. Spotting emerging trends and opportunities to help you reinvent how you compete in an increasingly disruptive landscape. Imagining new possibilities to generate greater value as industries are reconfigued. Transforming thinking into action, by making strategy real from concept to market.

Working Together on Project
Building Homes

Unique experiences that drive real results

Creating new value requires new perspectives and new experiences. We place people at the heart of everything we do, accelerating results with a comprehensive and creative approach that solves problems from multiple perspectives: Business, eXperience, and Technology (BXT).


Our teams of strategists, experience makers, and technologists work together bringing you the knowledge to transform, the imagination to create and the trust to deliver.

Value Creation at Muhasba

Exploring unexpected angles, our diverse team of experts works with you to define new approaches to value creation—from making your business more resilient to bolstering sustainable performance. Bringing our expertise in finance and operations, as well as in deals, strategy, tax, accounting, data and analytics, we go wide to make sure your whole business is powering future growth. We look holistically at all aspects of an organisation’s performance to propose enterprise-wide transformation initiatives or smaller scale optimisation programs.

As a business leader, you know that today’s decisions define tomorrow’s value. Whether you’re pursuing an acquisition, considering a divestiture or looking to improve your enterprise performance, we help you act fast so you can turn moments of uncertainty into opportunities.

For over a decade, we have been offering corporate & outsourcing services to Dubai and the wider UAE market as we ensure that businesses remain in line with the requirements within the UAE.Through outsourcing, our clients are able to increase their productivity by minimising operational cost, and hence, improving their bottom lines.At Muhasba, we deliver high quality solutions with our experienced practitioners that are available to help you understand, adapt to, and overcome the various obstacles that may stand in your way.


Whether across taxation or trade, energy or environment, cyber or safety, the cost of today's compliance is often one of an organisation's most significant budget areas.Our focus is on helping organisations thrive in change - not only by helping to manage their compliance requirements but also helping them stay ahead of risk and regulatory changes and navigating the course forward in times of upheaval.

We are in the business of transformation, known for our focus on and commitment to achieving results. We combine strategy, technology and management consulting experience to help organisations succeed, with an understanding of how business works and a knowledge of how the right technology in the right place can create competitive advantage.


Muhasba bring together experience across risk, regulation, tax, controls, compliance and more to help you navigate one - or all - of the phases you’ll encounter throughout the risk lifecycle.


Originating deals, creating deals, executing deals and realising results from a deal, is what we do everyday. No matter what business stage you are at, our focus on value is what will help you succeed throughout the deal lifecycle.


Muhasba services and solutions

Financial Guidance

A dedicated team of financial experts with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

Daily bookkeeping support

Inventory verification

Financial policies manual

Financial modeling

Standard operating procedues


Fixed assets management


A dedicated team of financial experts with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

Business setup and formation

Feasibility study

ISO certification

Trademarks registration

CFO services

Buying or selling a business



Strategy and operations

Governance consulting

Business valuation


Mergers and Acquisitions

Company setup and formation 

Legal support

Business transformation

Risk management consulting

Cash flow management consulting

Human resources consulting

Sales and marketing consulting

Procurement consulting

Business liquidation

Auditing and Assurance

A dedicated team of financial experts with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

Financial statements audit

Internal audit

Assurance for non-financial information

Forensic audit

Fraud investigation

Attestations & certifications

Compliance management

Anti-money laundering compliance

Ultimat beneficial owners


Digital Solutions

A dedicated team of financial and IT experts with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

Enterprise resource planning


A dedicated team of tax agents with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

VAT registration

VAT return filing

VAT transactions advisory and training

VAT refund

VAT deregistration

Corporation tax advisory

Excise tax services

Tax audit services

Appointing tax agent

Economic substance regulation


A dedicated team of financial experts with the right skill sets and experience for every situation:

Accounting and auditing masterclass

Financial modeling masterclass

Business development workshop

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